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Who are we?

Business English Consulting Service Ltd or BECS is an award-winning corporate training company based in London which was founded in 2004. We deliver business, management and mental health training to companies and organisations around the world. Have a look at our corporate training website www.becsltd.com

We are an accredited London Chamber and Industry Exam Centre. We design our own course material and are a registered British publisher. You can find our books in British book shops, libraries and on Amazon.

We believe that training should not just include theory, but real life experiences. That is why we are member of several chambers of commerce and networking clubs. That gives us a lot of up-to-date business information. It also gives us a very large network we can introduce you to. We will help you to grown your own business network by introducing you to your peers of the same industry or sector, experts and specialists.

We are members of

  • British Chamber of Commerce
  • Devon and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce
  • London Chamber of Commerce
  • Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain
  • Arab Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain
  • Devon Networking Groups

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